Us and what we do.


For close to 20 years Nick and Lisa Carione have been operating INkey Music.  

“We have love and passion for creating and sharing the joy of music with others.  No matter age or level; we always find the right piece of the puzzle that motivates and inspires students, even after they have moved on.  We have had the pleasure of seeing students grow and some to become professional musicians themselves.  Be it exams, auditions, live performance or just leisure learning; we pour our heart into every student.”

YouTube recordings


Our YouTube page is very exciting.  We offer these professional videos for students to start piecing their own puzzle together.  YouTube videos are the key to social media in this era.  Great for bios as well as self promotion which is key in the music industry.

Band jam showcases


Our band jams are very exciting to watch and experience.  From young to adult groups performing on stage at a club, talk about real life experience.  Students get to work together one hour a week with an instructor, perfecting songs and performance.  This gives students opportunity to build confidence, create friendships and to listen to other instruments as a whole.  The showcases are live concerts.